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Fist let me tell you a little about my favorite site: link Mens swimwear

Make sure to click on the right side photo of the cock caged up in one of their amazing male chastity toys. has one of the largest selections of male chastity toys, cock wear, penis display suits, fetish spandex, male chastity cages, cock cages, cock stretchers and so much more. One of the nice things is they show the products on real models, real cocks which I think is wonderful. It is about time companies show what the beauty of nature has created. A beautiful penis is like a work of art and the perfect setting for male chastity toys.


Here is a typical discription of a spandex fetish design.

Stand at Attention

There are few things in this world sexier than an erect cock, and the Stand at Attention swimwear option will give you that sexy look no matter what your cock is doing. has done their research and come up with a swimsuit that will give you a hard looking cock no matter what you are doing. This means you are always standing up and looking as sexy as you possibly can without having to worry about taking those little blue pills anymore. How great would it be to show off your cock in something that always makes it look as hard as a rock?

Another thing you are going to love is the fact that this is made out of white Spandex and everyone knows that white makes things look a lot bigger. This means that even if you have a smaller than average cock, the Stand at Attention swimsuit is going to make it look a lot bigger than anyone might think. That goes a long way to making your confidence grow so that you can go out in public and gain all the attention you really deserve.

The Stand at Attention is going to be one of those suits that you will never want to take off. You are going to find yourself wearing it all the time and that is what it was designed for. Now, you can go out and show off exactly what you have to offer and everyone will notice just how big it is. This is a swimsuit that a lot of men from all over can really fall in love with, and for all the right reasons, too. Nothing will give you the same look that the Stand at Attention can give to you and at such a reasonable price it’s really hard to beat.