Experimenting with Male Chastity Toys

Playing around with some of the latest male chastity toys have shown me that there are some very interesting, if not strange, men in this world. I’m not the type of guy that delves into the chastity lifestyle and lives it every day of his life. On the other hand, I am the type that enjoys trying out new things as often as I possibly can and these toys are something new to me. I wanted to try them as soon as I saw them online and couldn’t wait for them to arrive in the mail after I purchased them.




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The first of the male chastity toys that I tried out was a bit awkward to say the least. I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to be able to manage using it for very long but it didn’t stop me from trying. I felt a bit strange walking around wearing something of that nature but, after a little bit of time, I found it to be as comfortable as anything else I had ever tried. Except for nipple clamps; those things weren’t comfortable at all as far as I am concerned and one of the few things I won’t be trying again in this lifetime.

I have since found some more male chastity toys that I can try out and I look forward to it with gleeful anticipation. I do enjoy using my new found toys and I hope that I will always be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. These things aren’t like other fetish toys that I have used over the years and I think that is why I enjoy them so much. They seem to bring a new meaning to my life and an erotic aspect that other toys can’t manage. I would recommend guys that are interested in experimenting in this kind of thing to find some chastity toys and give them a try.

Male chastity toys stretch those balls

Male Chastity Toys

There aren’t all that many guys out there that are aware of the variety of male chastity toys that are available on Koalaswim.com. Most guys think of a chastity cage as the only toy that is available, but you really need to go to their website and see what all they have to offer in the world of being chaste. You should also take a look at any chastity fetish site that you might come across so that you can get a better understanding of what you can expect from trying all these different toys out on your own.

Now, there are going to be some guys around that aren’t even going to consider using male chastity toys for any reason, and that is their choice to make. Of course, they are going to be missing out on a lot of things in their lives if they do choose to never try anything different. You have to understand that there are a lot of men in the world that find that using these items makes them feel better about themselves on a much deeper level than you will ever experience. If you completely give up on even trying to find something different out there, then you are going to end up living a very boring life. Sometimes, you just have to try something completely wild and see where it takes you before you can fully understand what you should be doing with your life on a more basic level. This is what you can get from Koalaswim.com.


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My balls being stretched as my girlfriend and her friends watch.


Male chastity toys ball stretcher by koalaswim.com gear

Male chastity toys ball stretcher by koalaswim.com gear