Experimenting with Male Chastity Toys

Playing around with some of the latest male chastity toys have shown me that there are some very interesting, if not strange, men in this world. I’m not the type of guy that delves into the chastity lifestyle and lives it every day of his life. On the other hand, I am the type that enjoys trying out new things as often as I possibly can and these toys are something new to me. I wanted to try them as soon as I saw them online and couldn’t wait for them to arrive in the mail after I purchased them.




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The first of the male chastity toys that I tried out was a bit awkward to say the least. I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to be able to manage using it for very long but it didn’t stop me from trying. I felt a bit strange walking around wearing something of that nature but, after a little bit of time, I found it to be as comfortable as anything else I had ever tried. Except for nipple clamps; those things weren’t comfortable at all as far as I am concerned and one of the few things I won’t be trying again in this lifetime.

I have since found some more male chastity toys that I can try out and I look forward to it with gleeful anticipation. I do enjoy using my new found toys and I hope that I will always be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. These things aren’t like other fetish toys that I have used over the years and I think that is why I enjoy them so much. They seem to bring a new meaning to my life and an erotic aspect that other toys can’t manage. I would recommend guys that are interested in experimenting in this kind of thing to find some chastity toys and give them a try.

Collecting Male Chastity Toys


The male chastity toys that I prefer to use are typically the ones that others frown upon when they see them for the first time. I will admit that I was one of those guys that didn’t like the designs that I was seeing, until I got a chance to actually try them on for myself. Once I was able to try one I found that they were some of the best toys I have ever used. It takes a very special individual to acknowledge something like this and I am thankful that I am that type of person.

I have a huge collection of male chastity toys in my collection and it continues to grow on a regular basis. I guess it’s a good thing that I have the money to keep buying things, especially when you consider that some of the toys I have bought over the years still haven’t been used. I guess I am more of a collector than anything else, but I do enjoy using a few of them whenever I get the chance. I just find that I can’t let go of some of the toys that I see online and I absolutely have to buy them.

I think that having male chastity toys is one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. I can remember when I didn’t have any toys and I thought that my life was just about perfect. Then I purchased my first toy and found that the perfect life I thought I had was a lie. All these years later I know that I couldn’t have held on to my perfect life without getting involved in using something like this. It has truly opened my eyes up to what is possible if you only give life a chance.

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My Wish List of Male Chastity Toys


There are so many different male chastity toys available on the market to choose from that you are going to end up spending a lot of time online looking for them. In fact, I spent so much time looking through them that I almost gave up on the idea of having any fun in my life with this lifestyle. It was a complete overload of pleasure coming at me with every site that I looked into and I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one to purchase first.  I honestly almost gave up on it.

However, I figured that I had never given up on anything in my life and male chastity toys weren’t going to be my first. I stayed with it and started looking more into the information about each toy rather than just looking at the pictures that were available. Once I started doing this, it was fairly easy for me to find the toys that I wanted to try. Then I just had to narrow down the list a little bit because I didn’t have that much money and I couldn’t use all those toys at the same time anyway.

I had to take a huge list of male chastity toys and weed them down to three that I figured I would enjoy the most. That was harder than finding these toys in the first place. Every single one on my initial list were something that I truly wanted to experience but knew that I couldn’t. I have since purchased more toys over the years and I have tried out almost all of them on that first list. Of course they keep making newer designs so I have to update my list on a regular basis in order to stay fresh on everything that is coming out these days.



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Male Chastity Toys Fetish

Male Chastity Toys Fetish

Looking for male chastity toys is one of the most entertaining things I have ever done, besides actually using the toys that I have purchased over the years. I love being able to browse through all the pictures of the toys, especially the ones that are being shown in use. I think that might be the sexiest thing ever. In fact, I haven’t found an actual porn site that turns me on as much as looking through sites that have toys on them. I guess you could say that I have a fetish for looking at pictures of these toys being used, but I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Now there are guys that are more interested in using male chastity toys. That’s something that I can definitely understand. I love using my toys as often as I can as well, but there are times when using those toys are a bit difficult for me to do. I have a fairly active job that takes me all over the world and, most of the time; I am not capable of taking my toys with me, especially on a plane. But I can take pictures of the toys I have with me no matter where I might be going, and they definitely help me get through the absence of the toys themselves.


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Male Chastity Toys and Public Acceptance

Male Chastity Toys and Public Acceptance

Some of the best male chastity toys I have ever enjoyed were some that I never thought I could ever be comfortable with. The funny thing about these toys is the fact that you can find the most intense sensation with the items that are the most unusual of designs. There is no rhyme or reason behind any of this, but if you are lucky enough to have an open mind, then you can understand why you would want to try something a little bit out of the ordinary. It’s not going to be easy the first time, but it is going to be well worth your effort.

The more unusual the male chastity toys design the harder it is to accept that you are going to be wearing this over your cock. I was having issues with thinking in this manner as well until I finally decided to bite the bullet and try one that I never thought I would be able to enjoy. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something.  For instance, I found that by being able to put aside the thoughts that kept coming up in my mind, I could actually enjoy my life a little bit more.

I have seen a lot of male chastity toys on the market that I would love to try on and a lot that I shake my head and wonder about the people that would actually wear them. Of course, I am not ever going to judge anyone because of the toys they decided to use, but there are a lot of people out there that would judge them. Maybe if everyone just decided to try something like this once in their lifetime, then they might be able to grasp what a fetish like this is all about and actually enjoy themselves.


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