Male Chastity Toys to Renew Your Fun


I have been looking for new male chastity toys for a while in the hopes of refreshing some of the excitement I felt in the beginning. When I first got involved in male chastity, there was more excitement that I could have handled. However, as time has moved on, it seems to have dimmed a bit. I’m not saying that I am not still excited about male chastity, but it’s definitely different these days. So looking for new toys to play around with seemed like the next course of action for me to take.

What I wasn’t aware of is the sheer amount of male chastity toys that are available today. I knew I would have better luck looking around online for something new but, after about the thirtieth site, I realized that I had jumped in a little too fast. I needed to figure out exactly what kind of toy I wanted to play around with first and then try to find something that would match. My mind simply couldn’t process all of the options that I was looking at and I almost gave up completely. But I really wanted to try out something different.

It may have taken me some time to find my new male chastity toys, but I did succeed. Now I just have to find the time I need in order to enjoy them. Of course, as long as I have them, I know that I can have some fun whenever I need to. It’s kind of like having a full bar in the house; you don’t have to become a drunk in order to enjoy it but knowing it’s all there just makes you a bit happier. At least that is how I am going to look at it until I get a weekend off and can really have some fun.

Guarding My Male Chastity Toys


Most of the male chastity toys that I have purchased over the years have been simple tools to help pleasure me without anyone else being involved. But I have started finding that there are several toy designs available on the market that are geared for couples to have some fun with together. I guess if I had someone to use them with I would be a bit more excited about them, but I do think it is a good idea to include that significant other in something of this nature. You never know when your partner might be needed to help get you out of it, after all.

I had a partner at one time and they found my male chastity toys before realizing what I was actually involved in. Naturally, they flipped out and wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say about my toys. All they knew was that I was a sick bastard that had all these disgusting toys shut up in a drawer next to my bed. Too bad they weren’t even a little open minded or they could have found out just how great those toys can be for some people.

Now I do everything I can to make sure my male chastity toys are never discovered that way again. I keep them hidden the best I can until I have the chance to tell someone about my lifestyle before they go rifling through all my stuff. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to try to explain to people but I feel that if it might turn into a serious relationship, they should probably know about it. After all, if we ever get wild and naked in the bedroom, they are going to find out that I have a chastity device on. But that isn’t the time when you want to explain something like that. So I try to have that discussion well ahead of time.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy! The plug is deep inside of me.

Keeping Male Chastity Toys a Secret


If you are looking for something exciting to bring into the bedroom to spice things up a bit, then why not look at the male chastity toys you can find online? They are some of the most interesting sexually pleasing items in existence, as far as I know, and you could end up having a lot of fun with them. It will take you a bit of time to get used to the way they fit, but it is worth any amount of time you put into something like this. You will definitely be happy with your decision after a couple of weeks.

Of course you can’t just go online and start buying male chastity toys if you don’t know what they are or how they are used. I made that mistake with the first toys I picked out because I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. I just bought whatever looked interesting at the time in order to try them. Learning things the hard way is a something I tend to do a lot of in this life and this was no different. Thankfully, it didn’t turn me off completely and I still have those toys sitting around.

Some people may look at you funny if you tell them you are using male chastity toys in the bedroom, but that happens all the time to me. I have found that the easiest way to get around those looks is by not telling anyone what you like to play with. Unless that person is going to be involved in your playtime with you, they don’t need to know anything about your toys. It will also keep you from being bombarded with some really dumb questions that you probably won’t want to answer. Keeping your toys a secret goes a long way into making your life more exciting.


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Having Fun with Basic Male Chastity Toys

Most of the male chastity toys that I have played around with in my life have been pretty basic as far as I am concerned. I have seen some of the more advanced toys that are available these days and I would like to think that there might be a day where I can try them out and have some fun, but that probably won’t be very soon. I enjoy using my toys but I prefer to stick with something that I am comfortable with right now and just enjoy the ride. There are some that would probably like going all out and trying the most advanced toys they can find, and that is perfectly reasonable.

The people that are excited about the advanced male chastity toys are usually much more adventurous than I am I have found. I like to have fun and everything, but I just don’t feel confident enough to go out of my way and try something I am not used to just yet. Yet, I am sure there will be a time in my life when I will be more than happy to go all out and find something that will pique my interest. Until then, though, I will be more than happy to stick with what I know.


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Using male chastity toys has been a highlight in my life for a very long time. I used to be the type of guy that never really went out or anything but, once I started using these toys, I found it amazing that I wanted to go out more often. It seems like there are plenty of times in my life where I could have gone and done something amazing, but it wasn’t until I found the joy of using chastity toys that I realized there was more fun out there than I could handle.


Collecting Male Chastity Toys


The male chastity toys that I prefer to use are typically the ones that others frown upon when they see them for the first time. I will admit that I was one of those guys that didn’t like the designs that I was seeing, until I got a chance to actually try them on for myself. Once I was able to try one I found that they were some of the best toys I have ever used. It takes a very special individual to acknowledge something like this and I am thankful that I am that type of person.

I have a huge collection of male chastity toys in my collection and it continues to grow on a regular basis. I guess it’s a good thing that I have the money to keep buying things, especially when you consider that some of the toys I have bought over the years still haven’t been used. I guess I am more of a collector than anything else, but I do enjoy using a few of them whenever I get the chance. I just find that I can’t let go of some of the toys that I see online and I absolutely have to buy them.

I think that having male chastity toys is one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. I can remember when I didn’t have any toys and I thought that my life was just about perfect. Then I purchased my first toy and found that the perfect life I thought I had was a lie. All these years later I know that I couldn’t have held on to my perfect life without getting involved in using something like this. It has truly opened my eyes up to what is possible if you only give life a chance.

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Shopping for Male Chastity Toys


Looking at the newest male chastity toys, I have come to the realization that the world in general is starting to change. Even with all of the bad things that are going on in this reality, there are still moments when extreme pleasure can be had. I am also aware that there are more and more guys getting involved in using these toys. That makes me extremely happy to see as well since it means they are looking for different designs that might not have even been created just yet. I love the whole supply and demand aspect of things like this.

When picking out my male chastity toys, I like to look at pictures of the toys in use. This gives me a better understanding of what to expect when I have them in my possession. I have found a few sites out there that have posted videos of these toys being used as well. This gives me an even better understanding of what I can expect from using toys that I might never have thought of using in the past. Although, there have been moments when I found out that some toys just aren’t for me.

I highly recommend any guy looking to explore a bit to check out the male chastity toys from some of the sites online. If you aren’t comfortable with choosing something, then you can check with most adult stores to see if they have any that you can look at more closely. It’s always a good thing to find the ones that you want to try online and call these stores to see if they have any. You can also talk to the sales associates at these stores to see if they have any extra information about the toys that you are interested in to help you make your decision.


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Male Chastity Toys to Teach You about Yourself

There are a lot of male chastity toys available on the market for you to choose from and that is a very good thing. It used to be that you didn’t have much of a choice when it came to toys like this but now the Internet is filled with them. You simply can’t understand what it’s like to be able to click onto a website and see thousands of different toys just waiting to be played with unless you have been involved in this lifestyle for a few decades. If you were, then you would understand what that kind of feeling is like.

Some of the more interesting male chastity toys have only been created in the last couple of years. The more guys in the world that are involved in something like this gives designers the chance to really explore the world of chastity and what it means to the guys that enjoy it so much. They are the ones that are keeping things going on their end and we are the ones that will keep buying the toys so that we can better explore who we are on a deeper level. Besides, it’s rather a lot of fun when you are involved in using them.

I have used male chastity toys for a very long time now and I couldn’t see myself trying out anything different. It amazes me to think that I have gone on this long without worrying about what others might think about me using these toys. I was always one of those guys that simply had to make sure everyone was a friend and that no one ever saw something in me that they didn’t like. But now I don’t really care as I am very content with the person I am and the life that I am living, and that isn’t going to change.


Online Shopping for Male Chastity Toys

Online Shopping for Male Chastity Toys

Some of the greatest male chastity toys I have ever been able to find were obtained online. There is a small shop in town that has a few of these items for sale, but they never have anything that is outwardly exciting to me. I looked through what they had available and felt that the toys I was already using would probably be better for me. But once I started looking around online, I found that I was indeed missing out on a lot of things that could take my fetish to a completely different level of enjoyment.

When I first started looking around online for male chastity toys I was told that there would be quite a lot of them that I would need to go through. I didn’t really believe that there would be all that many of them available but, to my surprise, they weren’t lying. I couldn’t believe the amount of toys that were available and the amount of websites that were selling them. It took me weeks to go through enough of them to actually feel comfortable with purchasing one and I am very happy that I took the time to do some basic research.

My collection of male chastity toys has grown exponentially since then. All the toys that I originally passed up because I didn’t think I was ready for them have now been purchased and used. I find new toys that I want to try out almost daily now and I know that I will never be left without something to look at. Technology has brought my fetish out into the open and more guys using these toys means more designs being made to meet that demand. I can honestly say that sticking with buying toys from a small shop would have left me bored, but no longer. Now, I love my new experiences with these very different toys.

Male Chastity Toys for a Happy Life

Male Chastity Toys for a Happy Life

Purchasing your first set of male chastity toys is one of those things that you are going to love doing in your life. You get the chance to sit at your computer and turn yourself on while looking through all the things you might get to use with your male chastity device and that is something I really love to do. You will also find that there are a lot of different toys designs out there, some of which you probably never knew existed. Learning that kind of information and delving deeper into the person you truly are can change your life forever if you allow it.

I have learned a lot about myself simply through the male chastity toys that I have purchased over the years. You start to see that there is more to life than the things everyone seems to force on you trying to make you care about them. Sure, family and friends are important, but there are other things that are just as important and they usually only involve you. You need to make sure that you are happy with the person you are in order to truly enjoy your life and these toys will definitely help you do that.

I can think back on the times before I had purchased any male chastity toys and see that I lived a fairly sheltered life. I never really went out anywhere or did anything out of the ordinary to enjoy my life. I had some good times and everything, but it still seemed like I was in a rut of some kind. Since I have purchased and used some of these toys, I have found that making me happy is the key to enjoying a good life. Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish in order to truly be happy and that is what all of my toys are for.


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Bragging on my Male Chastity Toys

Bragging on my Male Chastity Toys

Whenever I get the chance to use new male chastity toys, I find it so exciting that I usually can’t contain myself anymore. All I want to do is run around with that toy in my hands and show the world what it is I am getting up to in my bedroom. Of course, that would be one of the dumbest things I could ever do in my life since the people around me wouldn’t know what to make of it. But that is the feeling I get regardless of what they may or may not think in the long run.

I have been lucky in finding new male chastity toys to play around with over the years, but I feel that I might be running out of options soon. It just doesn’t seem like there are that many guys out there willing to try something like this, and that means the selection of toys will remain about the same as they are right now. I truly hope that I am wrong and I will walk into a room filled with guys wearing chastity devices and using every type of toy on the market these days.

One thing I do know is that I love the male chastity toys that I have collected over the years. Even if there wasn’t a new toy being developed for hundreds of years, I would still enjoy using mine every chance I get. I can think of no other fetish that I have been involved in that has had the same effect on me with the toys that you can play with. It is clearly the best option for me as a man and one that I am never going to give up if I have a choice in the matter. I truly do enjoy living this life and I hope that all the other guys out there experimenting with it feel the same way.