Guarding My Male Chastity Toys


Most of the male chastity toys that I have purchased over the years have been simple tools to help pleasure me without anyone else being involved. But I have started finding that there are several toy designs available on the market that are geared for couples to have some fun with together. I guess if I had someone to use them with I would be a bit more excited about them, but I do think it is a good idea to include that significant other in something of this nature. You never know when your partner might be needed to help get you out of it, after all.

I had a partner at one time and they found my male chastity toys before realizing what I was actually involved in. Naturally, they flipped out and wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say about my toys. All they knew was that I was a sick bastard that had all these disgusting toys shut up in a drawer next to my bed. Too bad they weren’t even a little open minded or they could have found out just how great those toys can be for some people.

Now I do everything I can to make sure my male chastity toys are never discovered that way again. I keep them hidden the best I can until I have the chance to tell someone about my lifestyle before they go rifling through all my stuff. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to try to explain to people but I feel that if it might turn into a serious relationship, they should probably know about it. After all, if we ever get wild and naked in the bedroom, they are going to find out that I have a chastity device on. But that isn’t the time when you want to explain something like that. So I try to have that discussion well ahead of time.

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Having Fun with Your Male Chastity Toys

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Having Fun with Your Male Chastity Toys

When it comes to using your male chastity toys on a regular basis, you need to make sure that you can spend a decent amount of time with them. Some guys may think that they can bust out their toys for an hour or so and have some fun by themselves, but that just isn’t how things work in the chastity world. You need to know that you are going to become engrossed in what you are doing with these toys, and you will need more than just an hour to fully appreciate them no matter what you might think.

Once you start using male chastity toys in the bedroom, they will be the only thing you can think about on a regular basis. The main reason is that these toys bring out something within you that you never thought actually existed. They are the heart and soul of the chastity lifestyle and spending quality time with them is something you are always going to want to do. So make sure you have planned enough time to really get intimate with your chastity toys, and simply enjoy the fact that you don’t have to have penetrating sexual encounters in order to orgasm and enjoy yourself anymore.


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Let’s Go Shopping for Male Chastity Toys

Male Chastity Toys

Let’s Go Shopping for Male Chastity Toys

Once you’ve decided to try out the male chastity lifestyle, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to go shopping for male chastity toys. These are particularly important when you’re giving chastity a test drive to see if it’s something that you might really want to do. During your shopping spree, you’ll find such things as metal cages with a lock and key as well as leather sheaths that have some interesting little spikes on the inside of them to discourage  your cock from getting hard. In addition, there are a few other styles of these toys that you can choose.

When you start to shop around for male chastity toys, you’ll probably find that it is much easier to do this online than try to locate some brick and mortar stores that will carry items like this. It will be much more difficult to find them if you live in a small town because tiny towns usually don’t have adult shops. Also, you might not want anyone you know to see you buying items like these. There are many online websites that sell chastity toys and all you have to do is browse through them until you find just the right one.

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male chastity toys ball crusher by anal and cock gear

male chastity toys ball crusher by anal and cock gear