Playing withMale Chastity Toys

Male chastity toys may seem like a misnomer since the majority of these toys are actually chastity devices that are used to train men in that particular lifestyle. For instance, cock cages are considered a staple of male chastity but it can also be considered a toy of some sort. They don’t have to always be cages, either. They can just as easily be sheathes and cock rings of various types. These are created from different types of materials such as see-through plastic, steel, and leather. Some of the sheaths even come with studs that will dig into your penis if you are being afflicted with a random erection. Needless to say, having needlelike devices sticking sharply into your penis should take away any naughty thoughts, unless, of course, pain happens to be your thing.

The best way to locate male chastity toys is most likely going to be online. The Internet is where you will find the best and most varied options in these types of adult toys. In fact, online websites that cater to male chastity is probably going to be your best bet in finding something unique and exciting that you would not ordinarily see in an adult shop. In addition, when you purchase something of this nature online, it is discreetly delivered right to your front door and no one has to know what you purchased. Instead, you will find that the shopping was fun and the delivery did not send you into panic mode.

When you are ready to purchase your male chastity toys, it is best to be sure that you are getting things that fit you and can be worked into your specific lifestyle. Buying these toys online will give you a better chance to research each toy before you choose to order it. There may be something about it that you find troublesome. It so, move on to the next one and see if that is more in fitting with what you are looking for. Truly, it is as simple as that. Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder why you ever feared it. \




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Bragging on my Male Chastity Toys

Bragging on my Male Chastity Toys

Whenever I get the chance to use new male chastity toys, I find it so exciting that I usually can’t contain myself anymore. All I want to do is run around with that toy in my hands and show the world what it is I am getting up to in my bedroom. Of course, that would be one of the dumbest things I could ever do in my life since the people around me wouldn’t know what to make of it. But that is the feeling I get regardless of what they may or may not think in the long run.

I have been lucky in finding new male chastity toys to play around with over the years, but I feel that I might be running out of options soon. It just doesn’t seem like there are that many guys out there willing to try something like this, and that means the selection of toys will remain about the same as they are right now. I truly hope that I am wrong and I will walk into a room filled with guys wearing chastity devices and using every type of toy on the market these days.

One thing I do know is that I love the male chastity toys that I have collected over the years. Even if there wasn’t a new toy being developed for hundreds of years, I would still enjoy using mine every chance I get. I can think of no other fetish that I have been involved in that has had the same effect on me with the toys that you can play with. It is clearly the best option for me as a man and one that I am never going to give up if I have a choice in the matter. I truly do enjoy living this life and I hope that all the other guys out there experimenting with it feel the same way.