My Wish List of Male Chastity Toys


There are so many different male chastity toys available on the market to choose from that you are going to end up spending a lot of time online looking for them. In fact, I spent so much time looking through them that I almost gave up on the idea of having any fun in my life with this lifestyle. It was a complete overload of pleasure coming at me with every site that I looked into and I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one to purchase first.  I honestly almost gave up on it.

However, I figured that I had never given up on anything in my life and male chastity toys weren’t going to be my first. I stayed with it and started looking more into the information about each toy rather than just looking at the pictures that were available. Once I started doing this, it was fairly easy for me to find the toys that I wanted to try. Then I just had to narrow down the list a little bit because I didn’t have that much money and I couldn’t use all those toys at the same time anyway.

I had to take a huge list of male chastity toys and weed them down to three that I figured I would enjoy the most. That was harder than finding these toys in the first place. Every single one on my initial list were something that I truly wanted to experience but knew that I couldn’t. I have since purchased more toys over the years and I have tried out almost all of them on that first list. Of course they keep making newer designs so I have to update my list on a regular basis in order to stay fresh on everything that is coming out these days.



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Choosing your Male Chastity Toys

Male Chastity Toys

Choosing your Male Chastity Toys

When it comes to male chastity toys you should take some time to figure out what it is you are looking for in your chastity lifestyle. Now some guys will want to be as comfortable as they can possibly get while using their toys and others might be looking for a way of punishing themselves whenever they start to get an erection. The ones that are looking for pain will want something like the Kali’s Teeth device that has miniature little spikes that will definitely do their job in keeping you from getting an erection.

Now the guys that are looking for male chastity toys that are simply comfortable and useful have a huge variety to choose from. The good news is that there are so many varieties of these toys on the market that you can get just about anything you might want to wear. This makes finding your perfect fit pretty easy if you are capable of taking the time to look through all of those options and give a few of them at try. Of course, trying them out is all part of the fun of choosing this type of lifestyle and that is something you have to consider as well.


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